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Creative Mindfulness Tools For Your Sanity

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"With 15 Years of Experience, This Harvard-Trained Presenter Inspires Laughter and Hope!"

- Kevin McCormack, Co-Host, ABC

What's Included?

Lifetime Access To The Following Online Course:


Mindfulness Doesn't Have To Feel Like A Root Canal...

  • Experience fun, scientifically-supported stress-reduction tools for immediate use
  • Achieve laser focus, problem-solving, & organizational skills
  • Learn personalized mindfulness practices that you actually look forward to!
  • 21 engaging videos to enhance your learning
  • Downloadable audio of each lesson & slides with practical take-aways

3+ Hours of Bonus Content! (An $89 Value)

Lifetime Access To EVEN MORE Courses:


Ever Said Something That You've Regretted?

This course is for you! It will save you tons of aggravation at work and beyond through the power of mindful communication.

  • Learn to keep an open, non-judgmental heart for difficulties that arise
  • Leverage mindful listening & speaking with yourself & others
  • Appreciate the gap between thoughts & words
  • Master the "4 Requirements of Mindful Speech”
  • Downloadable slides & 21 engaging videos


Quickly Improve Your Child's Behavior, Academics, & Social/Emotional Learning!

  • Learn how to introduce mindfulness as the ultimate superpower
  • Leverage our "Superpower Builder Inventory" that helps kids quickly identify their personalized mindfulness practices
  • Turn mindfulness practices into games that kids will enjoy
  • Downloadable slides & 31 engaging videos

Plus, Downloadable Audiobooks For EVERY Lesson Across All 3 Courses



  • 73 insightful videos (including bonus content!) to enhance your learning
  • Downloadable audio of each lesson to take your learning on the go!
  • Downloadable slides with practical take-aways
  • Engaging, interactive, & multisensory lessons
  • Full lifetime access
  • Self-paced lessons that are easy to complete
  • Available across all platforms -- including iOS, Windows, & Android
  • Progress-tracking
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

"Nick Ignites The Mind & Soul!"

- Dr. Jane Foley, Director, Milken Institute

Frequently Asked Questions

Wait, 3+ hours of free audiobooks of every lesson & access to 2 other courses are included?
Yes! Plus, downloadable slides and a complimentary consultation/discount for bringing 'Playing Attention' to your workplace. Our virtual and in-person modules can be fully customized to your needs. Call (800) 285-5220 or e-mail [email protected]
What organizations have used this course?
Square Space, ​Open Society Foundations, Unity Wellness, Ronald McDonald House, ​Harlem Hospital, Georgetown University, Chegg, ​Brave Crate, Health Care Chaplaincy Network, The American Dairy Association, ​Ridgewood Public Schools, and Square, among others...
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 7 days and we will give you a full refund.
When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course -- you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course and its bonus content?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course (and all bonus content!) for as long as you like -- across any and all devices you own.

Your Instructor

Nicholas Mosca, M.Div.
Nicholas Mosca, M.Div.

Drawing on over ten years of experience as an educator, Nick Mosca empowers people to align mindfulness practices with their interests, reduce stress, and reclaim their lives. Nick is the founder of Personalized Mindfulness, a national wellness company that boosts resilience through cutting-edge workshops, consultations, and keynotes.

Nick also co-hosts on WABC Radio and has presented at Yale University, Squarespace, Open Society Foundations, Columbia University, Harlem Hospital Center, Ridgewood Public Schools, Square, Ronald McDonald House, New York University, mindSpark Learning (formerly Share Fair Nation), The HealthCare Chaplaincy Network, The Milken Scholars Program, the Genesee Valley School District, and the Erie BOCES, among other venues.

Moreover, Nick is the author of Read ‘Em and Sleep: Mindfulness-Based Insomnia Relief and his writing has appeared in Psychology Today and ASCD Express. He is also the elected Research Chairperson of The Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor.

Nick holds a Master of Divinity degree from Harvard University where he studied mindfulness and won The Billings Prize for inspiring behavioral change through positive humor. During his undergraduate studies, Nick earned a B.A. in English (Magna Cum Laude) from Georgetown University. He is a member of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD).

During his free time, Nick composes music, runs, and plays baseball.


Curricula & Lesson Previews

Playing Attention Part I: Creative Mindfulness Tools For Your Sanity

Mindfulness Doesn't Have To Feel Like A Root Canal...

What Is Playing Attention?

  • A "Formal" Definition (1:04)
  • The 5 Steps (1:43)

Step 1: Understand Mindfulness

  • The 3 Secret Ingredients (1:15)
  • Why “One-Size-Fits-All” Approaches To Mindfulness Don’t Work (1:12)
  • Mindfulness Myth-Busters (1:03)
  • A Taste For The Practice (3:42)
  • Where'd You Go? (3:09)

Step 2: Honor Stress

Step 3: Untangle Ourselves From Stress

Step 4: Shape Your Path To The Eye Of The Storm

  • There Is No Right Way To Practice! (0:44)
  • One Instance Of Playing Attention (1:21)
  • The 30-Second Inventory (0:30)

Step 5: Play Attention!

  • Yes, This All Sounds Great -- But I Just Don't Have The Time! (1:23)
  • How To Do (Almost!) Everything Mindfully (2:41)
  • Play Attention For Insomnia Relief (AKA - Overcoming The Sunday Night Blues) (0:58)

Thank You For 26% Of Your Attention!

  • Quick Recap (1:25)
  • Bonus Audio & Workshop Discounts (0:35)

Playing Attention Part II: "Did I Just Say That?!" Mindful Communication At Work & Beyond


Step 1: Courage - The Foundational Posture

  • “Heart” Is At The Root (1:06)
  • Getting To The “Heart” Of The Practice (1:54)

Step 2: Mindful Listening To Yourself

  • The "Mirroring Your Heart" Minitation (3:31)

Step 3: Mindful Listening to Others

A Prelude To Steps 4 & 5: Mindful Speaking & The 'Undo' Feature Of Life

Step 4: Mindful Speaking With Yourself

  • You Told Yourself What?! (1:24)
  • The Ultimate Loving-Kindness Minitation (8:34)

Step 5: Mindful Speaking With Others

  • Offering Genuine Complements (1:30)
  • Mirroring Body Language (0:51)
  • Tone (1:20)
  • The Most Powerful Five Words For Starting A Hard Conversation (2:10)

Quick Recap & Bonus

  • Bonus Audio & Workshop Discounts (3:01)

Playing Attention Part III: Mindful Parenting: Teaching Kids Fun Mindfulness Skills

"Our Kids Are Too Stressed For Mindfulness!" - Parent

Step 1: Play Attention To Ourselves (The Often Overlooked Step!)

Step 2: Play Attention To Children

  • The Greatest Gift That We Can Offer Kids...And Ourselves! (1:33)

Step 3: Introduce Mindfulness As The Ultimate Superpower

  • Start With The Good Stuff! (0:56)
  • Celebrities Who Use The Superpower (1:45)
  • 3 Codes To Unlock Mindfulness (0:59)
  • Losing My Mind...fulness: A Guided Discussion (1:21)

Step 4: Playing Attention Games

Step 5: Best Practices For Implementation

  • Age Limits and Rolling With Resistance (1:26)
  • Keeping The Superpower Fresh: The Superpower Practice Log (2:21)

Recap & Next Steps

  • Overview of The 5 Steps (1:21)
  • Bonus Audio & Workshop Discounts (0:46)

"Delivered With Humor & Expertise, These Mindful Supports Are Second-To-None..."

- Mary Lisa Harper, Strategist, Mind Spark