What A Welcome...

“Our Kids Are Too Stressed For Mindfulness!”

- Anxiety-Ridden Parent

Yes, this was an actual objection voiced by a parent. And I agree with her. Mindfulness is usually imposed on children as just another thing that adults want them to do. It’s up there with eating their vegetables and going to the dentist. That’s why many a child has been known to affectionately refer to the practice as “mindulness.” Not surprisingly, when mindfulness feels like just another chore, children are less likely to practice and gain its life-changing benefits.

Introducing the benefits of mindfulness to children in “adult” language such as “improved social, emotional, and academic outcomes” doesn’t help. Instead, such benefits need to be presented in their language—a language of superpowers, video games, and power-up codes.

Next, we will explore the five steps to begin teaching mindfulness to children in fun, sustainable ways!

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