Fun, Mindful Games To Share With Students

You can find below an overview of some fun, mindful games to share with your students:

The Supersenses Game (Body Awareness)

We start with game that direct our attention to our bodies. This is on purpose. You see, our bodies are always in the present moment; they can’t help but not be. It’s our minds or awareness that wander all over the place. That’s why we encourage everyone of all ages to use their bodies to access the present moment through the senses. The senses are some of our most powerful allies in this process. To this end, The Supersenses Game will help us do just that.

The Mind Reading Game (Thought Awareness)

Once children have become skilled at using their senses as doorways to the present, The Mind Reading game teaches them how to gain perspective on wayward thoughts that might be distracting them from the present.

The Mindful Treasure Hunt Extravaganza (Mind & Body Awareness)

The last game is the mindful treasure hunt extravaganza -- it combines the best of both worlds. Kids love treasure hunts – but little do they know they will actually be searching for themselves in the process.

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