Thanks For 25% Of Your Attention

Thank you for 25% of your attention! Unfortunately, that’s about all the attention that most of us give to any particular situation or task. But if you bear with this course, I will bump you up to at least 26%! The mindful self-care of ourselves and those with whom we work hinges upon our ability to abide in the present moment and is crucial to positive transformation. It creates an expansive space in which we become more compassionate, joyful, and reflective.

The great news is that practicing mindfulness can be fun and sustainable — rather than just another cumbersome task that falls by the wayside. This is all possible by playing attention, or redirecting attention to the present moment in creative ways that align with our intrinsic motivation.

To this end, you will uncover your own playful pathways to the present that work best for you. Practically any life-giving sensation or activity—from mindful coloring to dancing—can help you play attention. Overall, you will gain the freedom to choose how you want to return to the present in your life. As a result, you'll gain the life-changing benefits described in the upcoming lessons.

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